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Corporate Christian Life Program

We started the Corporate CLS last June 2010. Since quite a few of us at Servants have had corporate backgrounds, it seemed to have  made sense at that time to reach out to our brothers and sisters in the corporate world. After much prayer and consultation, we took the bold step to go beyond our borders and make this giant leap. As Our Lord would have it, it was also the  vision and dream of the Head of Chef Secret and Tri-Vision to share our Lord Jesus Christ with her employees. This affirmation gave us the courage to start in a very small and prudent way our Corporate CLS program. Thus began our journey of collaboration with Handmaids and Couples for the very first time. Little did we know that this seemingly untenable cooperation of odd partners would work. With God's help, it had been a fruitful and bountiful year  where we had witnessed major spiritual transformations, improved relationships among each other at work and at home and  a group of  fully committed and dedicated members. We know that many challenges still confront us and we  ask Our Lord to continue to guide and direct us. We are thankful to Our God to have given us this opportunity to be bearers of His Word of love. We also wish to extend our deepest appreciation to our sisters and brothers who have faithfully served in all our activities.  To God be the Greatest Glory.

We have some testimonies of some brothers and sisters who have experienced and witnessed this glory of love. 




 Now, I know that God does have a Masterplan for each of us, in bringing His love to our sisters and brothers.  What just began as a desire to share with my co-workers, my special love relationship with the Lord; now, has blossomed into a community of committed followers of God.  All participants of the Corporate CLS have reformed their lives, have learned how to pray to God directly, are reading Scripture daily, are more loving and compassionate with each other, are lifting their lives up to God and are even evangelizing others.

God has truly performed an awesome miracle right before our eyes here at our Tri-Vision and Chef’s Secret workplaces.

 I would like to share with you, now, testimonials of our community members on how the CLS has touched their lives.

 “The Christian Life Seminar has influenced me a lot, not only on how I see my life, but also on how I am living my life right now.  It opened my mind to so many things that I never had the time to think about and reflect on because of the busyness in life or how mechanically I treated life.  I can say now that I am a person who knows and believes in God. I discovered that God is even much closer that I thought – He is always here, there and everywhere.  I discovered a very profound awareness that God is communicating with me through people, situations, events, and even problems in my life. Situations, whether good or bad, give me a taste of God’s love and care.  I am learning to understand that God’s thoughts and ways are beyond my understanding.”- Anjie

 “CLS has brought me closer to God.  I spend more time now in praying.

I have learned to live my life according to His will.”- Lea

 “Through the CLS, my relationship with my co-employees has become much deeper.  It has also helped me to reach out and be of help to others.” - Rachel

 “The CLS has affected my life in many ways especially my spiritual life.  It has enlightened me and opened my heart to many things.  In the CLS, God gave me my desired gift and gives me the feeling that I can’t explain, as if I’m in heaven.  Now, after attending the CLS, I make it a point to have my prayer time everyday, attending mass every Sunday and I’m always aware that God is always there for me.”                                                  -

 “The CLS was really a great experience of a spiritual encounter for me.  It helped me refocus on Jesus and on His will.  Now, my greatest challenge is to continually release every area of my life to God’s control.  My heart is set on pursuing Jesus and on seeking Him with all my heart.”  - Gem

“I now spend more time with the Lord thru praying and reading the holy scripture - Joyce

 “The CLS increased my faith in God, I became closer to Him…I live life now with full faith in God.”  - Mary

 “Malaki ang nagawa ng CLS sa buhay ko…

1.    Pinutol ko na aking di mabuting relasyon sa ibang babae.

2.    Humaba ang aking pag-unawa sa nararamdaman at pag-uugali ng aking kapwa.

”Para sa akin nagkaroon ako ng chance para mabuksan ang aking puso at isipan sa salita ng Diyos.  At lubos na maunawaan kung gaano kahalaga at kung gaano tayo kamahal ng ating Diyos na higit na mas nakakakilala sa ating pagkatao.

Malaki at maganda and naidulot ng CLS for me kasi napatunayan ko sa aking sarili na walang masama o mabuti sa mata ng Diyos. Bastat humingi ka ng kapatawaran sa kanya at siya’y handang magpatawad.” - Allen J.

 ”Problems are easier to solve because God is always on my side...I’ve become more open minded and have opened my hearts to others.”   -

“My spiritual fire and passion for God has been reawakened…I have become closer to God; and, serving God has become my passion, now.” –

 “Initially I was nervous and uncomfortable.  Considering what I went through my life spiritually, I said to myself that I am not ready and deserving.  I overcame the apprehension and voluntarily joined the session.  It was a hard start but as the days ebbed away, I was getting into it and my childhood experience on getting to know Him flashbacked and was re-lived.  The feeling was more than invigorating, exhilarating and breathtaking.  From thereon, my daily life has changed to some extent. I have regained my interest and desire to relating more meaningfully with the Lord.  It has motivated me to seek an honest to goodness communication with Him. How I deal with my family, people at work and to strangers has been placed to a different and positive dimension.  It brought meaning to my prayer time and compelled me to even do better.

 I’m struggling to even be considered his great, great (exponentially farthest/oblivious) child. But equipped with an understanding of who He is and the prodding invitation He bombards me daily, I am pretty confident, with the help of the community, that I should be a better individual and more importantly to become closer to him.”                                                                -

“When I joined the CLS last June 2010, I realized how bad my spiritual life was.  It really opened my eyes on how good is our God.”           -

 “I now felt the presence of God in my life.”  - Ricky E.

 “Ever since I joined the CLS, I constantly pray.  My relationship with the Lord became closer.  I’ve realized that God is always with me through good and bad times.  I’ve learned that hindi ko dapat madaliin kung ano anggusto ng panginoon para sa akin.  I’ve realized also that there are so many things that I have to be thankful for; blessings and even problems/trials because it made me be a better person.” - Candy

 “Nadagdagan and aking kaalaman sa pagdarasal.”    - Beth

 “The CLS has taught me to be friends with God again.  It gave me the chance to open up with Him again.  Dahil sa CLS natuto din akong maging understanding sa mga taong mahal ko.  Naging mas appreciative ako at natutong mag sorry.  Mas na-appreciate ko rin ang singing and dancing for Him”  - Joy Huiso-Geronimo

 “I have time to pray na ever since mag join ako sa CLS. Lahat ng questions about Jesus nasasagot every time we have a general assembly. I learned to forgive na rin hindi katulad dati na nagtatanim ako ng sama ng loob.”– Lea Ogabar

 “I make sure na nakakapagdasal na ako at lagi kong na aalala si Lord. Natuto akong pasalamatan ang Panginoon sa lahat ng blessings. Naging mahaba ang pasensiya ko  at na realize ko na hindi lahat ng bagay ay nadadaan sa init ng ulo.” – Aubrey oligario

 Thank you, Lord, for the opportunity You have given me to bring You to the people I love at work.  With your guidance, I have given them what they most needed – not security, financial stability, technical knowledge but rather I introduced them to a gentle God whose only desire was to love them, to take care of them.  Having you in their lives has changed them forever. Having You in my life has changed me forever, too.  Lord, use me in any way You see fit.  I want to experience the great joy that comes from doing Your will !  - Marilen