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Bear With My Ramblings, Lord - by Bro. Jun Cabalan

Oh Lord I feel so low, I am so drained

One more blow, I'll be down again

No matter how hard I crack my brain

It's all problems, discouragement

and pain.


So why don't we get what we need

When we ask out of want,

not out of greed

Show me why or in my heart despair may breed

Clear my mind, let doubt not creep unto my creed.


I've heard it said so many times

Everything happens in God's own time

But then it seems the sun won't shine

To us who'd been waiting a long long time.


Forgive me Lord for rushing you every so often

Frustrations pile up, emotions come out in the open

Just can't wait for the right time to ripen

We're human, forgive us when this happens.


For most failures, I know I am to blame 

But when I'm down, let me call out your name

I know life's ups and downs are part of the game

So right or wrong, please love me just the same.


So many times I worry about tomorrow

Oh how this has brought me much sorrow

I insist on my ways even so narrow

Forgeting you cared for a lowly sparrow.


Is it too late for me to change, I wonder!

My sins strike at me, like hail and thunder

With all this pressure that I am under,

Is it possible to fix my blunder?


My problems are too heavy, my head’s in a bow

Can I mend things, I’m not even sure how

I will try again, if your patience will allow

I'm lost at what to do, but I have to act now


Perhaps You truly did have a reason

For taking all I have, all at once, without caution

I now understand the value of my mission

To love and believe, always, without objection


You are the way, the truth, and the life

With you, in you, will end all worldly strife

And yet my heart seems pierced by a knife

Are all this the gateway to eternal life?


How fast did I forget my true mission?

Going for riches and losing my direction

Woe to me if I can’t follow my vocation

Woe indeed if I can’t partake of your creation.


Didn’t you tell me life is temporary?

That if I didn’t repent, I will be sorry?

Why then am I not changing course in a hurry?

What’s in sin that makes it seem so lovely?


Thanks for getting me back through confession

Of those desires that drove me into submission

But far worse are my sins of omission

They block my path to eternal salvation.


When feeling so uptight, Holy Spirit please come

Like a cool breeze you'll turn me so calm

Your power penetrates like a soothing balm

Nothing compares when you hold me in your palm.


Oh Lord, guide my mind, my heart, my hand

Make me useful to You in this troubled land

Small as I am, smaller than a grain of sand

Live in me, let them see in me, the Son of Man.


I saw an infant, life is beautiful like spring

I saw a grandma, life here can be so fleeting

Between the two, I felt life's true meaning

If not lived for you, life's not worth living.


 Eternal and Merciful Lord

Feed us with the power of your Word

Tuck it on our side like a big sharp sword

To slay all evil in this wild sinful world.


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